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BOC Sciences is committed to providing customers with high-quality BODIPY dyes. BODIPY dyes are widely used in fluorescent probes, biomarkers and imaging, photosensitizers, solar cells, and light trapping.

Overview of BODIPY dyes

Dipyrromethene boron difluoride (BODIPY) dyes are a class of near-infrared fluorescent dyes with excellent performance. Its molecular structure has a larger conjugated system, as well as greater planarity and rigidity. By modifying the molecular structure of BODIPY, a series of derivatives could be obtained for applications in life sciences, environmental monitoring and other fields.

Advantages of BODIPY dyes

Compared with fluorescein dyes, rhodamine dyes or cyanine dyes, BODIPY dyes have many superior properties, mainly in the following aspects:

  • It has a high molar extinction coefficient and good light sensitivity.
  • It has a high fluorescence quantum yield (usually> 0.6), and it is not prone to quenching.
  • The spectral properties are stable and are not easily affected by solvent pH and solvent polarity.
  • The peak width of the fluorescence spectrum is narrow, and the detection sensitivity is high.
  • Good light and heat stability and chemical stability.
  • The molecular weight is small and the cytotoxicity is low.
  • The molecular structure is easy to modify.
  • Long excitation wavelength, generally in the near-infrared region.

Application of BODIPY dyes

BODIPY dye-based ion and molecular probes can efficiently and sensitively detect many inorganic (or organic) ions and molecules. At the same time, BODIPY dyes are widely used as fluorescent markers in protein detection, nucleic acid hybridization sequencing and disease diagnosis. In addition, BODIPY dyes with improved functions can generate singlet oxygen, and thus have potential application value as photosensitizers in photodynamic therapy. BODIPY dyes can be used not only for biochemical label detection, but also for lasers, dye-sensitized solar cells and light trapping systems.

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