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BCN reagents are a class of click chemistry reagents containing highly reactive BCN (bicyclo [6.1.0] nonyne) groups, showing colorless or light yellow oily red solid. Specific fluorescent tracer labeling can be achieved by combining BCN with common fluorescent dyes. They can be run in aqueous buffers or organic solvents, depending on the properties of the substrate molecules. When they were used, they must avoid frequent thawing, prepare and use now, and keep dry. They can dissolved in DMSO, CHCl3, methanol and storage in -20 °C.

Characteristics of BCN

BCN can react with azide-labeled molecules or biomolecules via catalyst-free click chemistry to form stable triazole linkages. The reaction is very active and can react without Cu2+ catalyst. and can be carried out in organic solvents or aqueous solutions, depending on the solubility and nature of the matrix molecules. The reaction occurs without a catalyst and solvents, making it possible to study the surface of living cells and preventing copper-induced fluorescent proteins such as GFP in fixed and permeabilized cells. The stability of the chemical bonds generated by the reaction allows extensive washing to yield a high signal-to-noise ratio, an important consideration when detecting intracellular targets in fixed and permeabilized cells. Therefore, the BCN fluorescent probes have a specific recognition function for azide species.

Application of BCN

BCN reagents have been widely used in biological conjugation, labeling and chemical biology. BCN series products include endo-BCN-OH, endo-BCN-PNB, endo-BCN-PEG-acid and so on. And BCN usually forms various biological cross-linking agents with PEG, and realizes different biological applications through different terminating groups. The PEG of the reagents increases the hydrophilicity, and the properties of the PEG molecules are fine-tuned. BCN series products have been used in clinical, signaling pathway, proteolytic targeting chimera, PEG targeting modification and so on.

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