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BOC Sciences is committed to providing customers with high-quality alkynes reactive dyes.

Alkynes reagents refer to a class of hydrocarbons containing carbon-carbon triple bonds in the molecule. Alkynes can be used to label azides using click chemistry.

Reaction of alkynes with azides Reaction of alkynes with azides


Click chemistry is a cutting-edge synthesis concept, which refers to the synthesis of complex molecules through the splicing of small units (such as amino acids, monosaccharides, etc.). Click chemistry reaction has the advantages of high efficiency, rapidity, good stereoselectivity, and simple conditions. The reaction could occur in water at room temperature, even in living cells. The representative reaction of click chemistry is the addition reaction of azides and alkynes.

Fluorescent Alkynes

Fluorescent alkynes are a class of fluorescent reactive dyes that can be used in click chemistry reactions. Alkynes reactive dyes could achieve targeted labeling of target substances by interacting with azide groups. Bright and light-resistant alkyne reactive dyes can detect and label almost any molecule containing azide groups. For example, fluorescent alkyne reagents can be used to label azido-modified proteins. Water-soluble alkynes reactive dyes can be used to combine with proteins, nanoparticles, and other hydrophilic molecules. When non-water-soluble alkyne reactive dyes are used together with organic co-solvents (DMSO or DMF), they can also effectively label water-soluble molecules (such as proteins or peptides).

Non-fluorescent Alkynes

  • Alkyne NHS ester
  • Alkyne NHS esters can link alkynyl groups to amino-containing molecules and conjugate with various azides through copper-catalyzed click chemistry.

  • Alkyne hydrazide
  • Alkyne hydrazide is a bifunctional reagent. Alkynyl hydrazides can link alkynyl groups to aldehydes and ketones and combine with azides through copper-catalyzed click chemistry.

  • Alkyne maleimide
  • Alkyne maleimide is a bifunctional reagent. Alkynes maleimides can link alkynyl groups to various thiol-containing molecules (such as proteins and peptides containing cysteine residues) and bind to azides through copper-catalyzed click chemistry.

  • Biotin alkyne
  • Biotin alkyne is a reactive affinity tag, and various biotinylated conjugates are prepared through click chemistry.

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