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Metal Fluorescent Probe

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Metal fluorescent probe is a fluorescent probe that can interact with specific metal ions in the system and monitor the concentration information of metal ions through the change of fluorescence signal. Metal fluorescent molecular probes are simple, convenient, highly selective and sensitive to specific metal ions, and have good biocompatibility. They can be used for in situ and imaging analysis of intracellular metal ions.

Classification of Metal Fluorescent Probe

According to the interaction between metal ion fluorescent molecular probes and corresponding metal ions, they can be divided into (1) metal ion induced reactive fluorescent molecular probes (2) metal ion complexation reactive fluorescent molecular probes.

  • Metal Ion Induced Reactive Fluorescent Molecular Probes

Some metal ions induce specific chemical reactions in organic molecules. According to the functional groups that can react with specific metal ions, fluorescent molecular probes containing these functional groups can be designed to make the reactants and products have different fluorescence properties before and after the reaction with metal ions, so as to achieve quantitative analysis and determination of metal ion concentration according to the changes of fluorescence signal.

  • Metal Ion Complexation Reactive Fluorescent Molecular Probes

Others detect the concentration of metal ions by changes in fluorescence signals generated by supramolecular interactions between metal ions and groups (such as complexation between metal ions and fluorescent probe molecules). There are many kinds of groups that can be complexed, and even alkali and alkaline earth metals can be complexed by saturated nitrogen-oxygen multicomponent rings. In addition, since the complexation reaction is a reversible chemical equilibrium, when the concentration of metal ions in the system changes, the complexation reaction will move with it, thus realizing the real-time online or imaging detection of metal ions.

Application of Metal Fluorescent Probe

The accurate quantitative analysis and identification of various metal ions by metal fluorescent probe will be very helpful to study the mechanism of the action of essential metal elements in organisms, find and supplement the missing metal elements in time Especially in recent years, metal ion probes with active and reactive copper, mercury, zinc and iron ions are widely used. At the same time, some probes can effectively monitor heavy metal ions and reduce the pollution of heavy metals in water quality and soil environment.

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