Fluorescent Proteins, Nucleotides & Other Conjugates

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Fluorescent Proteins, Nucleotides & Other Conjugates

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Our products include a series of protein and nucleotide analogs with autofluorescence properties. Moreover, these products also include probes for proteins, nucleotides or other molecules that could be coupled with dyes.

Fluorescent proteins

Fluorescent protein is activated by excitation light with a certain wavelength, and then releases energy in the form of light. Fluorescent protein has a sufficiently high quantum yield and splendid light stability. The high-brightness fluorescent proteins could provide strong enough signals for imaging and detection. Fluorescent proteins could be used to observe cell activity, perform protein labeling and proteomics experiments. Some fluorescent proteins will change their fluorescence intensity with the change of pH value, which could be used to detect the change of cell pH value.

Dye-protein conjugates

After labeling with appropriate fluorescent dyes, proteins could be visualized in various biological processes, so that they can be quantified in biochemical detection or localized in cell research. Activated fluorescent dyes (such as rhodamine B or AF dyes, etc.) can be used to label proteins. Dye-protein conjugates have been extensively used in ELISA, cell imaging, western blotting and flow cytometry.

Fluorescent nucleotides

The intrinsically fluorescent nucleotides not only have good photophysical properties, but are also very sensitive to changes in the surrounding microenvironment. The intrinsic fluorescent nucleotides with low toxicity, high fluorescence quantum yield and high sensitivity could be used for stop-flow and equilibrium analysis, nucleic acid sequencing, gene expression analysis, etc.

Dye-nucleotide conjugates

Labeling nucleotides is a key element of life science research. Fluorescent dye-labeled nucleotides have excellent safety, stability and convenience, and are extensively used in nucleic acid sequencing, gene expression analysis, multicolor analysis of biochips, etc.

Other fluorescent conjugates

Probes in which other molecules such as toxins are coupled to fluorescent dyes.

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