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BOC Sciences has been committed to providing customers with high quality laser dyes at the best price.

Laser dyes are a class of organic compounds that have continuous conjugation and can emit fluorescence with high quantum yield. Under the action of laser light source, it can produce laser with adjustable wavelength within a certain range.

Laser dye is the working medium of dye laser. Dye laser is a laser in which a certain organic dye is dissolved in a certain solvent (methanol, ethanol, water, etc.) as the activation medium. The dye laser is one of the most used and one of the most successful tunable laser light sources known at present. It has the advantages of ultra-short pulse output, wide wavelength tunable range, narrow spectral line bandwidth, high output power, and high controllability of absorption and gain. Dye lasers can emit lasers ranging from near-ultraviolet, ultraviolet, visible light to infrared and near-infrared wavelengths, so it has a wide range of applications in scientific research and technology. It can be used in military communications, isotope separation, disease diagnosis and treatment, holography, spectral detection and air pollution monitoring.

As a laser dye, it must meet the following conditions:

  • The characteristic absorption spectrum of the laser dye matches the excitation wavelength of the laser light source
  • Good photochemical stability
  • High laser conversion efficiency
  • Laser output with large tunable range
  • Suitable solubility
  • Small excited state absorption cross section
  • Small triplet relaxation rate

So far, scientists have screened nearly a thousand laser dyes, but only a few dyes meet the requirements.

The laser dyes we provide include coumarin dyes (laser range 425-565 nm), oxazine dyes (laser range 650-700 nm), cyanine dyes (laser range 540-1200 nm), fluorescein dyes, xanthene Dyes, scintillation materials (mainly aromatic compounds containing oxazine, oxadiazole, and benzoxazole rings), etc.


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