Calcium, Chloride Indictors and Other indicators

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Calcium, Chloride Indictors and Other indicators

BOC Sciences is committed to providing customers with high-quality fluorescent calcium, chloride indictors and other indicators, which can effectively measure the ions of customer interest.


Ions are widespread in nature. Certain metal ions (such as zinc ions, magnesium ions, calcium ions, sodium ions, potassium ions, etc.) play very important functions in the process of life. They participate in various physiological processes in the organism, and play a very important role in maintaining the structure of some biological macromolecules and realizing their functions. The concentration of these ions should be kept within a certain range to maintain normal biochemical functions. When the concentration of these ions exceeds the normal value, physiological functions will be disordered or missing. Other metal ions (such as mercury ions, cadmium ions, etc.) are highly toxic and cause great harm to organisms. In addition, anions also play an important role in chemical and biological systems. Therefore, it is very important to identify and detect ions efficiently, sensitively and selectively.

Fluorescent ion probes

The fluorescent ion probe has the advantages of high sensitivity, high selectivity, real-time detection, and no damage to the sample. In a certain detection system, the fluorescent ion probe's fluorescence parameters (such as fluorescence intensity, fluorescence lifetime or fluorescence spectrum) change with the concentration of a certain ion and the changes in the environment, so as to realize the detection of target ions. Fluorescent ion probes are widely used in the fields of life sciences, medicine and environmental testing.

Calcium ion detection

As an important signaling molecule, calcium ions can regulate various functions of cells. Therefore, the detection of calcium ions is very important for various biological research. The excellent calcium ion fluorescent probes we provide could specifically bind to calcium ions to reflect the changes in the level of calcium ion concentration in the cell.

Zinc ion detection

Zinc is one of the necessary trace elements for the human body, and it is an important substance that we provide to maintain the normal growth and development and metabolism of the body. Both excess and deficiency of zinc can lead to abnormal metabolism, leading to disease. The zinc ion fluorescent probes we provide can track and detect zinc ions in organisms in real time, thereby facilitating the study of the behavior of zinc ions at the cell and tissue level.

Chloride ion detection

In cardiomyocytes, the transport of chloride ions across the membrane is involved in the regulation of cell pH and cell volume. Our chloride ion fluorescent probes provide free tools for the determination of intracellular chloride ion concentration.

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