AF488 NHS ester

Catelog Number: R01-0001

Category: NHS Esters ; AF


AF488 is a bright and photostable dye, equivalent of Alexa Fluor® 488. Due to its high hydrophilicity, this is a dye of choice for the labeling of sensitive proteins and antibodies. The dye is useful for many demanding applications, including microscopy. From the chemical standpoint, AF488 is a sulfonated rhodamine dye Rhodamine 110 (R110). Like other rhodamines, it is available as 5-and 6-isomers, which have almost identical photophysical properties. The isomers need to be separated though-otherwise, use of mixed isomer dye can lead to doubled peaks during HPLC or electrophoresis separations of the labeled products. This product is an isomerically pure 5-AF488.

Chemical Information
Catelog Number: R01-0001
Product Name: AF488 NHS ester
Molecular Formula: C31H32N4O13S2
Molecular Weight: 732.74
Purity: NMR 1H, HPLC-MS (80+%, balance mostly carboxylic acid)
Solubility: good in water, DMF, DMSO
Product Specification
Appearance: dark orange solid
Excitation Maximum: 495
ε, L⋅mol-1⋅cm-1: 71800
Fluorescence quantum Yield: 0.91

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