3-Ethynyl perylene

Catelog Number: R02-0002

Category: Alkynes


Perylene is PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) containing five fused rings. Planarity of this molecule gives rise to its ruggedness, low solubility of its derivatives, as well as its outstanding fluorescence. Perylene possesses intense green fluorescence, great photostability, and quantum yield approaching unity. This makes this PAH one of the most promising blocks for the design of new molecular probes, functional materials, and molecular devices.

Chemical Information
Catelog Number: R02-0002
Product Name: 3-Ethynyl perylene
CAS Number: 132196-66-8
Molecular Formula: C22H12
Molecular Weight: 276.33
Purity: NMR 1H (95%) and 13C, TLC
Solubility: good in chlorinated organic solvents (DCM, chloroform), moderate in DMF, low in alcohols
Product Specification
Appearance: orange solid
Excitation Maximum: 435; 408; 252
ε, L⋅mol-1⋅cm-1: 36000
Fluorescence quantum Yield: 1.0

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