Pacific Green Dyes

Pacific Green dye is a bright green-fluorescent dye optimally excited by the 405 nm line of the violet laser and with excitation/emission at 411/510 nm. Conjugates of this dye are strongly fluorescent even at neutral pH. Pacific Blue, Pacific Green and Pacific Orange dye conjugates can be simultaneously excited at 405 nm and emit at 455 nm, 500 nm and 551 nm, respectively, facilitating three-color analysis. CD BioScience offer Pacific Green dye conjugated to a variety of primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, and streptavidin. In addition, reactive dyes and protein labeling kits are available so that you can produce your own antibody conjugates or probes.


  1. Lee, Molly M.; et al. Quantification of Small Molecule–Protein Interactions using FRET between Tryptophan and the Pacific Blue Fluorophore. ACS Omega. 2016, 1: 1266–1276.

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