About Us

BOC Sciences is a life science group, with its headquartered in New York, that aims to provide the most comprehensive and professional fluorescent molecules for researchers in the fields of biotechnology, life science, and pharmaceutical research. Our product portfolio comprehensively covers many types of fluorophores, fluorescent probes, and fluorescent dyes, many of which are not available elsewhere.


BOC Sciences currently offers an extensive catalog products, and a large inventory is available for immediate shipment. We are constantly expanding our product range and hope to further strengthen our product portfolio and products in the coming year through further academic and industry cooperation.

Our products include

  • Fluorescent Probes
  • Fluorescent Dyes
  • Fluorophores


Our fluorescent labeling technology platform has grown into one of the world's largest independent biotechnology platforms, has attracted millions of researchers and partners worldwide, and is developing more pipelines with breakthrough potential. As we provide products and services to more and more customers in more than 160 countries, BOC Sciences will continue to expand our business to other countries.